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User accounts

I removed all non-essential user accounts on the system.  Over the past year, spammers and the like have completely overun the user account system despite our best efforts to keep them out using CAPTCHAs and other turing methods.  The only advantage a user account gives you is the ability to comment on content.  However, we've had 2 comments in the entirety of this website, one of which was mine.  The cost:benefit of maintaining user accounts didn't make sense.

Threatning Weather

Soccer is played in almost all weather conditions. Because of our relatively short playing season and inability to make-up most games, we try to stay on schedule whenever possible. But safety is still priority one.

The problem is this: everyone has a different opinion as to what is a threatening weather condition. Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA), the governing body, to which we are a member, has established the guidelines below to follow during adverse weather conditions.

Members-at-large positions

We are looking to fill the remaining members-at-large positions on the HVSC Board.  If you or anyone you know may be interested, please contact Rich Hale.  Board positions come with perks in return for your volunteered time, so it really is worth your while.